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Sheraa presents engaging showcase at ‘Expand North Star 2023’ – Business – Economy and Finance

Sheraa presents engaging showcase at ‘Expand North Star 2023’ - Business - Economy and Finance

The Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre (Sheraa) had an engaging presence at GITEX Global’s ‘Expand North Star 2023’ event, the world’s largest startup event, highlighting ten excelling startups that have benefited from its support and guidance. It also hosted a series of informative workshops and discussions led by industry leaders, Sheraa’s Experts in Residence, and community members.

The showcase of SULMI, Cycled Technologies, YSpot, YH&H, Leukeather, Remal IoT, Esaal Solutions, Pulse IoT Technologies, FortyGuard, and AR Engineering at Sheraa’s exhibition stand provided an inspiring example of the diversity and innovation within the startup ecosystem nurtured by Sheraa. These companies span an impressive spectrum of industries, reflecting the depth of talent and entrepreneurial spirit in Sharjah. From pioneering clean energy solutions to addressing sustainable materials, and education, these startups demonstrated the potential for growth and impact across various priority sectors.

Commenting on their participation at Expand North Star, Abdelrazak Al Sharif, Head of Programmes at Sheraa, stated, “These founders have truly stood out in their journey within the Sheraa ecosystem, and we are proud of the progress they have made in turning their innovations into reality. The Sheraa model, built on nurturing and guidance, is developed to empower these individuals and businesses, who have proven to be an example of our mission to foster entrepreneurial talent and innovation in the region.”

From SULMI’s groundbreaking work in developing Electric Bikes, to Cycled Technologies’ leadership in smart waste management and recycling, these startups exemplify the spirit of innovation that Sheraa seeks to foster. YSpot’s mission to empower youth and YH&H’s innovative product design are aligned with Sheraa’s vision of empowering the next generation of industry leaders.

Additionally, the eco-conscious and ethical alternative offered by Leukeather and the pioneering IoT development by Remal IoT represent the sustainability and innovation goals that Sheraa stands for. With startups like Esaal Solutions, Pulse IoT Technologies, FortyGuard, and AR Engineering, Sheraa’s vision of transforming industries and creating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is being realised, one innovative venture at a time.

Fostering entrepreneurial spirit through insightful workshops

Sheraa’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial growth and fostering innovation was further solidified through the hosting of nine immersive workshops. These engaging sessions served as a vital platform for knowledge sharing, creating a space where invaluable insights could be discussed by industry leaders, Sheraa Experts in Residence (EiR) and community members, providing inspiration and guidance for the attending audience.

The diversity of the workshop hosts, each representing notable companies and organisations — including luminaries like Mohammed Shafeekh of Finanshels, Funkola Odeleye of TLP Advisory, Wei Xiao of NVIDIA, Khaled Akbik of Foodics, Nader Aboulhosn of Unicorp Ventures, Egemen Eres of Spring Studios, Mohamed Amine of Cypherleak, Camelia Drissi of Creative Inputs, and Saeed Basweedan of YH&H — underlined Sheeraa’s commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience for the entrepreneurial community.

The workshops were meticulously crafted to provide startups and entrepreneurs with actionable advice, sector-specific expertise, and unique networking opportunities. Whether participants were immersing themselves in the realm of emerging technologies with Wei Xiao of NVIDIA or delving deep into content strategy with Khaled Akbik from Foodics, these sessions became invaluable resources for those seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of contemporary business.

By bringing together these experts and fostering collaborative dialogue, Sheeraa has once again demonstrated its passion and dedication to empowering Sharjah’s entrepreneurial community while driving innovation forward in the region.