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MBRHE Achieves Unprecedented Number of Strategic Partnerships in 2023 – UAE

MBRHE Achieves Unprecedented Number of Strategic Partnerships in 2023 - UAE

In 2023, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE) Achieves Unprecedented Number of Strategic Partnerships, reflecting its deep commitment to supporting and empowering people of determination. Several strategic agreements were signed with leading institutions, marking concrete steps towards improving quality of life and enhancing societal inclusivity.

These strategic partnerships mirror the depth of MBRHE’s commitment to providing innovative housing solutions, improving social and cultural services, and enabling people of determination to live with dignity and independence. They also express the establishment’s vision for a society characterized by equal opportunities and mutual respect.

Speaking about the achievements in the year of strategic partnerships, Mohammed Hassan Al Shehhi, Assistant CEO for Housing Sector in MBRHE, said: “In 2023, we succeeded in signing several strategic partnerships that reflect our vision for a more inclusive and integrated society. At MBRHE, we believe in the power of partnerships as a tool for positive change, especially in improving the lives of people of determination. These partnerships we forged over one year are our steps towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for our beloved country, and a reinforcement of our position as a leading institution in supporting and empowering all community segments.”

The partnership of MBRHE with DASS Solutions stands as an important milestone highlighting efforts to provide innovative housing solutions that meet the needs of people of determination, ensuring their dignity and independence. These efforts focus on designs that adopt standards of accessibility and comfort, enhancing the quality of life for this important segment of society.

MBRHE also collaborates with Dubai Club for People of Determination to enhance the integration of people of determination into society through supporting sports and cultural activities. This partnership focuses on building a supportive environment that enables them to participate effectively in the community.

In its partnership with the center of care and rehabilitation of People of Determination “Omniyat”, MBRHE is committed to developing innovative initiatives in housing, focusing on sustainability and meeting the special needs of people of determination. This partnership enhances research and development to find solutions that contribute to improving life and supporting a sustainable future for future generations.

As for its partnership with the World Disability Union, MBRHE seeks to raise awareness about disability issues and develop educational programs and awareness initiatives that emphasize the importance of integration and community support. This agreement aims to create an integrated environment that ensures all rights for people of determination and allows them to enjoy a dignified and independent life.

Mohammed Al Shehhi added: “Our commitment at MBRHE goes beyond providing housing solutions; we strive with all our determination to contribute to building a society that embodies inclusivity and mutual respect. Each partnership we establish carries a vision for a future where complete integration of people of determination is the norm, not only in housing but in all aspects of social and cultural life. We believe that every individual in our society holds invaluable worth, and it is our duty to empower them to realize their full potential.”

These partnerships reflect MBRHE’s leadership role in promoting social integration and supporting innovation in the housing sector, especially for people of determination. They also indicate the establishment’s commitment to effecting positive and tangible change in the community, and enabling all individuals to live with dignity and independence.
These partnerships add to the main initiatives record of MBRHE. The establishment invites the public to visit its official website to learn more about its services and ongoing efforts to develop the housing sector in Dubai.