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Family Weekend: Life By the Coast Programme, Creative Experiences Inspired by Emirati Maritime Heritage – Arts & culture

Family Weekend: Life By the Coast Programme, Creative Experiences Inspired by Emirati Maritime Heritage - Arts & culture

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is presenting a diverse heritage experience at Al Shindagha Museum, the UAE’s largest heritage museum. As part of the newly launched ‘Family Weekend,’ this month’s family programme acquaints the public with traditional crafts, local maritime heritage, and the sea’s impact on community life. The first Family Weekend will take place September 23rd and 24th.

Family Weekend is a reoccurring event that takes place every last weekend of the month offering a different thematic focus as it proceeds throughout the year. Under the theme of ‘Life by the Coast’, this initiative offers a cultural journey to explore Dubai’s coastal environment through interactive activities. These activities aim to preserve Emirati heritage on an international scale, embodying local culture’s values, and highlighting the authenticity of the community and the Emirati traditional crafts.

During this month’s Family Weekend, there will be the opportunity to participate in workshops, including ‘Boat Building’ hosted by the Visitors’ Centre. Participants can explore the history of the profession and witness a demonstration of traditional rope making crafts using palm tree fibres at the Culture of the Sea house. At the same time, they can take on the challenge of designing boats using traditional materials.

The Traditional Jewelry House invites participants to its ‘Jewellery Making’ workshop, a creative space to explore the art of jewellery design while paying homage to heritage pieces. Families can embark on captivating journeys through the ‘Family Trails,’ guiding them through the enchanting alleyways of Dubai Creek – the Birth of a City. Here, they’ll discover the compelling tale of the creek’s origins and its profound cultural importance.

Abdulla Al Obeidli, Acting Manager of Al Shindagha Museum, underlined Dubai Culture’s role in preserving our local heritage that has influenced our everyday life and has become an integral aspect of the UAE’s history & heritage. He stated, “Dubai Culture is dedicated to conveying the intellectual and cultural heritage of the Emirates by introducing the aspects of traditional handicrafts, highlighting their diversity, historical and artistic aspects, and their presence in the cultural landscape. This is in addition to raising awareness of their importance.” The ‘Life By the Coast’ programme plays a pivotal role in illuminating coastal heritage and promoting Emirati culture worldwide, aligning with Dubai’s cultural objectives and nurturing a strong national identity for future generations.