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Dubai Customs Processes 994,000 Deposit Claims Worth 6.8 Billion Dirhams, Showing 22% Growth – Business – Economy and Finance

Dubai Customs Processes 994,000 Deposit Claims Worth 6.8 Billion Dirhams, Showing 22% Growth - Business - Economy and Finance

The requests for deposit claim refunds processed by Dubai Customs have seen a substantial 22% increase in the first nine months of this year compared to the same period last year, totaling 994,000 claims with a value of 6.8 billion dirhams. Yousef Al-Hashimi, (Acting) Executive Director, Customer Management Division, confirmed that Dubai Customs has experienced a significant uptick in transactions across various categories, aligning with Dubai’s economic agenda and primary objectives that prioritize fostering an ideal investment environment to strengthen Dubai’s economic resilience through innovative approaches that contribute to sustainable growth. He also emphasized that Dubai Customs’ advanced innovations and systems are driving automation and streamlining deposit claim processes to support the expansion of Dubai’s non-oil foreign trade.

Furthermore, the number of claims processed through the Automated Direct Transfer system (Maqasa) within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries reached 50,000 deposit claim requests, totaling 331 million dirhams in fees during the third quarter of 2023. The Automated Direct Transfer system for deposit claims stands out as a crucial technological tool that accelerates GCC customs collaboration by reducing the time required for deposit claim transfers.

Fatima Ali bin Saqer, the Senior Manager of the Deposit Claims Section at Dubai Customs, noted, “We continuously enhance the world’s first intelligent deposit claim refund system, which enables claims to be submitted 24/7, seven days a week, saving time and effort for our clients. Customers can now submit requests at any time and from any location, with claims being processed automatically once their accuracy is confirmed.” She further explained, “Our strategy at Dubai Customs is crystal clear, focusing on supporting our clients. Our management teams consistently engage with businesses, gather feedback, and address customer needs firsthand by conducting regular visits to customer service centers under Dubai Customs’ purview, as well as customs departments. The objective is to address challenges, current deposit claim procedures, and expedite operations to meet client requirements, ensuring their satisfaction.