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COP28 Presidency co-Hosts Global Dialogue in Abu Dhabi to focus on accelerating the energy transition ahead of COP28 – Climate – COP28

COP28 Presidency co-Hosts Global Dialogue in Abu Dhabi to focus on accelerating the energy transition ahead of COP28 - Climate - COP28

The COP28 Presidency has co-hosted the second Global Dialogue series with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Abu Dhabi, gathering policymakers, representatives, and experts from 140 governments, as well as participants from the private sector.

The Global Dialogue, held in Abu Dhabi Global Market from 15-17 October, is the largest UNFCCC mandated event held in the emirate to date, and focused on accelerating the energy transition and decarbonization of the transportation sector.

Those attending, including COP28 Chief Executive Officer Adnan Z Amin, drove technical alignment and produced a report that will help jumpstart upcoming discussions at Pre-COP from 30-31 October, where up to 100 ministers will discuss key priorities in Abu Dhabi for COP28.

Attendees agreed that decarbonizing the transportation system will make a significant contribution to a just and equitable energy transition, and will boost economic diversification by creating green jobs and invigorating industries in developing countries.

Solutions discussed for decarbonizing transportation included the deployment and shift to collective and non-motorized transportation models, energy and resource efficiency in the transportation sector, vehicle electrification, and the adoption of low- or zero-carbon fuels.

A sustainable transport sector is central to our shared success in keeping 1.5°C within reach,” Mr. Amin said at the event. According to the IPCC’s sixth assessment report, the transport sector emits 8.7Gt per year, representing roughly 23 percent of global emissions, he said, so “transport would need an accelerated electrification and associated deployment of charging infrastructure in the coming decades.”

By 2050 electric vehicles would have to account for “80 percent of all road transport activity,” he added.

The report produced from the Dialogue details Parties’ and expert views on effective pathways to decarbonize the transportation sector in line with efforts to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C. Negotiators will now take forward the report to inform COP28 outcomes on mitigation.

The Global Dialogue is a series of discussions under the Sharm El-Sheik Mitigation Ambition and Implementation Work Program and a pivotal gathering to accelerate the implementation of climate change mitigation efforts.

The event also coincided with the World Investment Forum, taking place in Abu Dhabi from 16-20 October. Hosted by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTD), the biennial gathering of more than 6,000 investment stakeholders from 160 countries aims to devise strategies and solutions for global investment and development challenges.

‘Fixing climate finance’ is one of four key pillars of the COP28 Presidency’s Action Agenda. The Presidency is asking governments, international financial organizations, and the private sector to deliver tangible solutions on climate finance, including delivering the $100 billion a year pledge, the GCF replenishment and Early Loss and Damage pledges.

The COP28 Presidency continues to work to rally the world behind an ambitious and comprehensive climate agenda to provide a robust response to the Global Stocktake and keep 1.5 degrees within reach.

The pillars of the COP28 Action Agenda are: fast tracking a just, orderly, and well-managed energy transition, fixing climate finance, focusing on people, lives and livelihoods, and underscoring everything with full inclusivity.